By popular demand, Riskex is hosting a series of Wednesday Webinars, talking about the need for adequate Covid-19 beating systems to monitor health information in an employee population.  On 8th July we are delighted to welcome Marc Christian, QSHE Manager at Clece Care Services, to share his experiences and insights into managing the Covid-19 crisis using AssessNET.  The fit2work tool has been a cornerstone in CCS’s front-line employee safety management – join us to find out why.

For teams large and small, having visibility of people’s individual health and Covid risk factors is a challenge for any manager.  Using AssessNET’s suite of modules, the webinar will show you how you can gain that visibility and control.  Not only that, you will help to restore the confidence your people need to face the fear of returning to the workplace.

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What action should you take?

So much in the media is dominated by debate about how the UK can return to work safely.  Even the HSE recently published a media campaign, reminding businesses of their duties around safeguarding employees during the COVID-19 crisis.  Their guidance about carrying out adequate risk assessments is simple, and every employer has a legally binding obligation to comply.

SaaS systems, such as AssessNET, offer a simple solution to achieve this.  To play their part in answering the calls for help during the crisis, Riskex have created and launched a new package, heavily discounted during June, to help businesses in their time of need.

Riskex delivers “safe2day” – Back to work initiative

The key to dealing with Covid-19 is to prevent the virus from entering the workplace, and control the safety of the work environment.  Using PPE is a last resort, and there are steps that can be practically taken earlier in the process, to minimise the risk.

The safe2day bundle includes AssessNET’s market-leading risk management tools, collated to bring staff safely back to the workplace.  There’s an attractively discounted price on offer until the end of July 2020.

Packages are based around:

  • fit2work – Covid-19 health monitoring tool (sponsored by Rackspace)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Reporting
  • Safety Inspection
  • DSE (Display Screen Equipment)

The fit2work health assessment tool was created in direct answer to client calls for data about Covid-19.  When staff are scattered, either working from home or on furlough, we’ve all experienced that feeling of uncertainty and disconnect.  Traceability and complying with an employer’s duty of care became more challenging.

Riskex’s health tool, fit2work, was built to deliver visibility and control through a health status questionnaire at the start of the pandemic.  This helps managers identify who should stay at home, rather than putting others at risk by coming back to the workplace – or in other words, controlling the risk at source.

Safe2day is Riskex’s way of bringing key modules together to deliver the safety processes necessary to get the UK back to work.  At Riskex we’re passionate about supporting health and safety initiatives, and we are striving to help as many organisations as possible, by making our tools as accessible as we can.

FREE sign up to use “fit2work” 

Any UK business is invited to sign up for the free fit2work health assessment tool.  As the project is sponsored by Riskex’s current hosting provider Rackspace, we have the server capacity and bandwidth to deliver, regardless of the number of users.  You’re welcome to sign up and use it too, by following this link:

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