Marc Christian, Head of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment at Clece Care Services Ltd. (CCS), which is a group of domiciliary care and support companies with more than 4,000 care professionals across the UK, was one of Riskex’s first users of Safe2day, and joined us for a revealing webinar.   Hear his account of how Safe2day was used to give real-time information about their front-line care workers during the lockdown, and how it continues to help control the virus.

Riskex’s Safe2day health assessment tool, which is aligned to Government and NHS guidance on Covid-19 symptoms, incorporates questions around how someone is feeling, their living situation, whether they have or have had any virus symptoms and if other health conditions exist. Concerns are flagged, and management can then take appropriate preventive action.

The tool’s built-in dashboard also provides intuitive reporting that can be analysed at an individual, departmental and global level to create a comprehensive picture of employees’ fitness to work, important as the UK emerges from lockdown.

You can sign up and use our Free version of Safe2day – Use “Fit2work” for FREE:

Any UK business is invited to sign up for the free Fit2work health assessment tool.  As the project is sponsored by Riskex’s current hosting provider Rackspace, we have the server capacity and bandwidth to deliver, regardless of the number of users.  You’re welcome to sign up and use it too, by following this link:

Sign up and more info here >>>

Safe2day has a wider range of features and benefits, so to find out how it will help your organisation, talk to one of our team.  Learn how you can restore confidence for your people, and get back to work safely – contact us now:

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