Safe2Day evolution

How has Covid risk changed since the beginning of the pandemic?


More than seven months have passed since Coronavirus began to alter our lives in ways that we have never experienced or could have imagined.  From a UK PLC perspective, there was no text book, cheat sheet or tried and tested business continuity plan that could be relied upon as a silver bullet.

Rather, businesses both large and small have simply had to take each new challenge as it comes – and work out the risks, opportunities and threats that they have to navigate in order to remain safe, compliant – and in profit.

Arguably, Health, Safety and HR professionals have felt the impact of these challenges in the workplace more than most, as employees, shareholders and board members look to them to supply data, interpret government advice and update processes to steer them through the ever-changing legal and economic landscapes caused by Covid.

As a health and safety solutions provider, we have been the first port of call for many risk professionals as they look to us to respond to their changing EHS technology needs to help them manage changing Covid risks throughout the pandemic.  Our response has not been a “one size fits all” approach and we have been proactive in continually innovating our Covid health surveillance and tracing platform to meet changing needs and government guidance, most notably:


March 2020:  The onset of the pandemic

Product launch:  Fit2Work

Free to all UK businesses, we launched a simple employee health surveillance tool that empowered organisations to keep their key workers safe and support those working from home or furloughed.

June 2020:  Coming out of national lockdown

Product Launch:  Safe2Day v.1.0

As more and more businesses began to reopen, we enhanced our Covid solution by releasing a new version, branded Safe2Day.  This system was built upon the existing Fit2Work platform to further support businesses by strengthening their Covid secure measures to help keep Covid out of the workplace, address employee “Covid Anxiety” and  effectively plan resource requirements by assessing who is and who isn’t fit to work.

October 2020:  Preparing for a second wave

Product Launch:  Safe2Day v.2.0

As government guidelines get increasingly more complex and regionally focussed via a fast-changing “risk tier” system, we have added further functionality to the Safe2Day solution, providing businesses with the confidence to maintain Covid secure operations, stepping up control measures to include contact tracing and providing access to advanced data analytics for effective Covid management.

Can we help your business?  Our proven innovative thinking and agile development has been underpinned by client requirements, as well as our unwavering desire to assist UK businesses to survive the pandemic and most importantly,  help save lives.  Our mission is to continue to develop our solutions to service the UK business community as we ride out the impact of the virus.  Do you have a health and safety or Covid-related challenge that could be eased with technology?  We’d love a conversation to explore how we can solve a problem for you.  After all, we’re in this together.  Reach out by calling 01908 915272 or email us at:  howcanwehelp?

For more information on how we have continually developed Safe2Day to manage Covid transmission at every stage of the pandemic, view our infographic:


Safe2Day Covid evolution