Riskex had reasons to celebrate recently – facilities management giant ISS UK, a Riskex client since 2013, have cemented the relationship by renewing their contract. And ISS UK & Ireland’s CEO, Matthew Brabin won ‘Overall CEO Winner’ in the British Safety Council 2020 International Safety Awards (ISA).  This was in addition to a record-breaking haul of 28 ISA Awards, with 11 Distinctions, 14 ‘Merits’ and 3 ‘Passes’.

This is no small feat.  ISS and Riskex have collaborated closely in the last 7 years, building their relationship around the development and delivery of AssessNET, Riskex’s flagship online health and safety management system.  The AssessNET system is deeply rooted within ISS’s business culture, and has played a key part in their safety awards successes over the years.  Riskex is delighted to continue the journey with ISS, as they achieve their safety visions.

International Safety Awards 2020

Reported in facilities management and health and safety press, ISS’s Matthew Brabin was chosen from over 500 organisations worldwide in recognition of his leadership and commitment to keeping workplaces and employees safe and healthy.

Brabin’s vision and active engagement to embed safety at the core of the ISS strategy and culture were key to his awards success.  His focus on optimising safety at ISS UK has seen their ISA wins increase from one merit award in 2015 to 30 ISA Awards in 2019, two of which were at ‘Distinction’ level.

Commenting on his achievement, Brabin said : “I’m honoured to receive the award on behalf of everyone at ISS UK & Ireland as this endorses the recognition that people create the achievement behind the numbers. Overall, our success is the product of the commitment of every one of our great people, and is a result of collaborative working with core members of the ISS Senior Leadership team such as Tim Proctor, HSEQ and CR Director.“

Proctor commented: “In ISS we hold health and safety as a core strategic pillar. It’s our constant mission and one I am proud to spearhead with a highly committed team using a range of strategic and tactical approaches.  As just one example, we held a Safety Stand Down campaign to reduce the increase in accidents which historically occurred in the return to work after the Christmas break. Therefore, on the first day back, every manager across the business was tasked with communicating the need to be in ‘work mode’ and the importance of personal safety. Consequently, we measured a notable drop in incidents from the previous year.”

Brabin continued: “At ISS, we all show our commitment by example and I’m no exception. As CEO I have a Personal Safety Action Plan which is published and displayed across the company. This sets out my own personal commitments to ensure that safety is at the heart of our organisation and culture. From the simple act of always holding a handrail when on the stairs, through to consciously stopping any unsafe act I see. The use of and commitment to personal safety plans is stringently adopted by all managers within the business.

“In ISS our HSE Vision 100 aims for us to be Number One in our industry with 0 fatalities at our workplaces and 0 serious incidents by continuously improving the safety culture for Everyone in our organisation in Everything they do, Everytime that they do it.”

Riskex heartily congratulate Matthew Brabin on his and ISS’s well-deserved awards, and also Tim Proctor and everyone at ISS for embracing their safety culture goals in such an inspiring and effective manner.


Safe2day – Pro-active real-time defence against COVID-19

Did you realise that 99% of all UK employees have email?   Email is one of the most efficient ways of communicating with your workforce, especially with the restrictions imposed during lockdown and for those working at home.

AssessNET’s Safe2day health assessment was used by a wide range of essential services during lockdown to keep their workforce safe and we are proud to say we have not heard of a single fatality from our user base.  There’s nothing to download, and it’s not an app (that nobody wants).

Now we are actively promoting this as a tried and trusted solution to all companies coming out of lockdown.

The majority of your employees are Safe2day and free of symptoms, and represent a minimal risk to returning to the workplace.   However, they may live with people who are high risk, or who have conditions that put them at risk.    For this reason, Safe2day collects information to help you manage and control the risks from Covid-19 and restore social confidence.  You’ll instantly know:

  • which employees have reported Covid-19 symptoms
  • whether they are self-isolating
  • whether they have underlying health conditions
  • those designated as BAME (this group are potentially more at risk from Covid-19)

And what about their household situation?

  • whether someone in their household has Covid-19 symptoms
  • if they are living with people over the age of 70
  • anyone with them who has underlying health conditions

Using Safe2day, you will more confidently be able to decide who to bring back to the workplace, or who is at risk and should stay away, or work from home.

The HSE have been clear that they will take enforcement action against any organisation that cannot demonstrate that they have done everything reasonably practicable to minimise the risk of the virus entering the workplace.  Talk to us today about our Covid-beating tools.  Be on the safe side – with Riskex.

Email sales@riskex.co.uk or call 01908 915272