In response to the current pandemic, and in answer to customers’ need for real-time information about employee health status, Riskex are distributing a FREE COVID-19 Health Assessment module to all UK businesses.


Identify who is “Fit to Work”

Using a simple online questionnaire, which takes just 30 seconds for your staff to complete, the results are displayed in a secure dashboard.

This gives managers up to date information about their people – helping to identify who is fit to work, and who may be at risk.

With Government guidelines constantly being updated, there is a pressing need to safely emerge from lockdown and get people back to the workplace.

This tool helps restore confidence – both for employees, who know their employer is taking action, and for customers who can be confident about the health status of anyone visiting.

There’s no time to lose.  Danny Morgan, QEHS Officer at KEE Process said of the health assessment module, “If we’d had it earlier, it would have been better for us.  Employees like it too and have said they wished management had had access earlier.”


Use our COVID-19 Health Assessment Module yourself

Try the health questionnaire by clicking this link:

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Don’t delay!  For more information, and to sign up for full access:

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