Launched with the purpose of helping employers know the health status of their people during lockdown, Riskex’s new Fit2Work solution is rapidly gaining support.

As the UK navigates its way out of lockdown, managing the complexities is no easy task.

Even managing a small team, how can you find out if your people are safe to come to work?  Have they told you about symptoms, or if they are living with someone with symptoms that puts them at risk? Have they had symptom and recovered, or officially been diagnosed?

What is Fit2Work?

Using Fit2Work, employees complete a 30 second questionnaire, which can be done daily, answering simple questions to declare their health status.  These results display in a dashboard, giving managers real-time stats, showing percentages of their workforce in different categories.

Not only was Fit2Work featured on BBC News, journalists at MK Citizen have also seen the need to publicise the message.  For the full article, visit the page:

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Identify who is “Fit to Work”

With Government guidelines constantly being updated, there is a pressing need to safely emerge from lockdown and get people back to the workplace.

Fit2Work helps restore confidence – both for employees, who know their employer is taking action, and for customers who can be confident about the health status of anyone visiting.

There’s no time to lose.  Steve Blaydon, Business Process Manager at Miniclipper Logistics said,

“Riskex has provided MiniClipper Logistics with their free AssessNET Covid-19 Health Assessment module.
It is proving to be a very useful tool indeed.
So easy to use, great status dashboard, user friendly
with a quick and simple process to follow.”


Use Fit2Work yourself

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