More bad news for Crossrail as the controversial project, which has already experienced several delays, is facing another obstacle. Coronavirus has affected almost every industry across the UK, creating a diverse set of challenges for all businesses to overcome and Crossrail is no exception –  social distancing rules mean that resource capacities have shrunk by more than 50% when compared to pre-pandemic levels.


Crossrail’s CEO Mark Wild said the project is in its “complex final stages”.

He continues:  “It is being completed at a time of great uncertainty due to the risks and potential impacts of further Covid outbreaks.  We are working tirelessly to complete the remaining infrastructure works so that we can fully test the railway and successfully transition the project as an operational railway to Transport for London.”


The project, which was initially due to complete in December 2018, is now forecast to open in the first half of 2022, needing an extra £450m to complete – bringing the total overspend to nearly £4bn.


The impact of Covid on Crossrail is one example of how the pandemic is affecting productivity across UK PLC.  There is little more we can do to control the impact of social distancing on business operations in physical terms  – however business leaders who have access to accurate and real-time data regarding the health status of employees and their households are better equipped to manage resources effectively to optimise productivity.


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