Corornavirus or freshers flu

With many UK universities already suffering Covid outbreaks requiring a lockdown or cessation of face-to-face teaching, it seems inevitable that more will be forced to follow suit as the rate of infection grows.

Now that seasonal viruses are upon us, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to distinguish the differences between Covid and other illnesses with similar symptoms – and for universities, this problem is compounded with the addition of “Freshers Flu”.

Freshers’ Flu is the term given to the ailments common among students within the first few weeks after arrival at university.  These illnesses are largely attributed to poor diet and heavy consumption of alcohol during Freshers’ Week. Stress, which may be induced by tiredness, combined with a lack of good nutrition, late nights and too much alcohol can weaken the immune system and be a recipe for ill-health.

What guidance are universities giving to students surrounding what to do if they suspect they are suffering from Freshers’ Flu?

The University of Warwick released the following statement on the topic:

 “A note on Freshers’ flu. Every year, we expect a number of students to become unwell with what is known as Freshers’ flu. Because some of the symptoms are the same as Covid-19, it’s really important…. that both you and those you live with should self-isolate until a (Covid) test comes back as negative”

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How can technology help universities manage Covid transmission and support students and staff who have Covid-related vulnerabilities – or is the NHS Test and Trace system sufficient?

NHS Test and Trace deals with Covid transmission management only once a person tests positive for the virus – and importantly, it does not assist organisations in prioritise tracing activities according to individual vulnerabilities.  In order to stop transmission at source, tech solutions have to be able to provide an accurate and up-to-date picture of an individual’s personal circumstances, as well as be able to highlight potential Covid cases at the point of first symptoms or a positive test result – whichever comes first.

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