As Technical Operations Team Leader, Michael Green is a key member of the talented team developing AssessNET for Riskex.  We are proud to thank him for 10 years of dedicated service to the business, and we are grateful to him for his unstinting commitment to delivering an outstanding product.  He is also well known and highly respected by Riskex clients, and his knowledge and expertise have brought great benefits to helping our customers achieve their safety goals.

Reflecting on Mike’s contribution, James Sharp, CTO at Riskex said, “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mike over the past 10 years.  We have battled many challenges throughout the years as we have seen AssessNET grow into an enterprise level solution across a multitude of sectors.  Mike and I have learnt to work very closely on our common goal to make AssessNET a leading product.  Mike’s work-rate, integrity, knowledge and ability to adapt under pressure have been paramount to our continued success.”

Well done Mike, thank you – and here’s to the next 10!