MTC build upon their excellent safety record by implementing Riskex’s Covid solution, “Safe2Day” to optimise staff engagement and support employees with virus-related vulnerabilities and “Covid Anxiety”


About MTC

MTC provides justice services across the UK, specifically through its probation, custody and consultancy offerings to transform lives, build safer communities, and break the cycle of reoffending.

With a 1600-strong workforce, the organisation works hand in hand with the community, developing and building capacity to ensure that they can support vulnerable people and reintegrate them into society.

MTC’s strategic approach to optimising its health and safety performance is predicated on building a “people first” safety culture, where the level of staff engagement in its health and safety management system is consistently high and workers are actively encouraged to amplify their “Safety Voice”.

The company’s excellent safety record was recognised by RoSPA this year when MTC became a winner of a RoSPA Gold award –testament to the fact that the business has achieved a very high level of performance, demonstrating well developed occupational health and safety management systems and culture, outstanding control of risk and very low levels of error, harm and loss.


Client Need

At the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, MTC was determined to continue to build upon its safety culture to help drive Covid-secure working practices – and importantly, provide employees with the confidence that the company were doing everything possible to keep them safe and well.

The additional challenges and risks created by Covid required MTC’s safety team to “think outside the box” to develop new ways of working in both the short term and the ongoing “new normal”.  This required a review of how the company adapted its use of technology to facilitate both employees and people managers to have a conversation and consider what steps they can take to make sure they can do their job safely and help stop Coronavirus transmission at the source.


The Solution

As a result, MTC turned to their existing EHS software provider, Riskex who were developing a Covid health surveillance tool, Safe2Day.  Both companies worked collaboratively to enhance the system to become a proactive employee health monitoring solution that helped address the disproportionate impact that Coronavirus has on individuals from a BAME background, and other virus-related vulnerabilities.

Safe2Day is a Covid-19 health assessment tool that helps employers assess who is fit to work, as well as provide confidence to staff that Covid transmission is being managed at the source.  In summary, the system has four key elements:

  1. A simple self-assessment questionnaire that employees complete in less than a minute, capturing data on the individual employee and their household.
  2. Management information dashboards for resource planning and Covid transmission risk management.
  3. Task management to allow line managers to review and manage concerns at individual employee level – including uploading individual action plans.
  4. A simple ongoing email mechanism to allow employees to update their status in a few seconds.

Paul Fairbrass, Head of Health and Safety for MTC explains why they selected Safe2Day to help manage Covid related risk: “first and foremost, we needed a solution that provided us with an accurate and up-to-date picture of employees personal circumstances to enable our people managers to have proactive conversations with their staff and agree personal action plans that would evolve as their individual circumstances changed.  Rapid implementation was also key – working with a supplier who understood our business structure and complex requirements was paramount to land a solution quickly and effectively.  Our historical relationship and the fact that they already had a solution that we could tailor very quickly were compelling reasons to partner with Riskex”.


 The Results So Far…

Since Safe2Day was rolled out across all MTC’s UK-based operations in August, the business has seen great engagement from employees who have provided positive feedback that the company’s Covid secure measures and health monitoring processes make them feel supported and safe.  Paul explains:


“As an organisation, we recognise that the ongoing pandemic continues to cause anxieties for our people and so it’s never been so important to proactively support each of them with personal action plans and demonstrate our commitment to keeping MTC a safe place to work.  This potentially reduces any sickness that could have resulted from anyone feeling that we do not have the correct controls in place to address their specific concerns or vulnerabilities”.


Paul finishes by commenting on the impact Safe2Day is having across the business: “the software has received great uptake and employees are really appreciative and supportive of how the tool is supporting them. Safe2Day has undoubtedly helped employees feel MTC is protecting them and keeping them safe in these uncertain times”.


Next Steps

MTC will continue to expand the scope of how the Riskex EHS platform (branded AssessNET) supports its health and safety strategy, and is currently planning to add further modules to manage Health, Safety and Fire Risk Assessment processes, as well as deeper reporting and data analytics capability via Riskex’s new BI tool.


Paul Fairbrass

Head of Health and Safety



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Miniclipper’s “Safety Cultures” goes from strength to strength with Riskex’s health and safety software, AssessNET


About Miniclipper

Miniclipper Logistics is a fast-growing family haulage business with almost 50 years’ of UK distribution expertise.

Operating from a 24-hour distribution centre and 6 warehouses, Miniclipper stores 30,000 pallets within 300,000 sq. foot of high bay warehousing.  With a fleet of 40 rigid and articulated vehicles, Miniclipper delivers to all corners of the UK every day.


Client Need

Miniclipper’s array of ISO certifications, FORS accreditation and RoSPA awards are a testament to its commitment to driving a high-performing health and safety function and continually improve its safety culture.  However, as a result of unprecedented growth, the business has found it increasingly more difficult to manage the various data-centric aspects of business risk, as most of its processes were managed on paper and disparate systems.

This became a real burden on time to gather data for reporting and making decisions, as well as for frontline employees when, for example reporting hazards and incidents or completing risk assessments. Miniclipper’s management team knew they needed to introduce additional technology as part of their longer-term safety strategy and so Steve Blaydon, who heads up Business Process Management (BPM) for Miniclipper went to the EHS software market to find a best-in-class solution, trialling several high-end EHS platforms.


The Solution

As a result, Riskex was awarded the contract to supply a SaaS-based solution to manage many areas of safety risk, including Risk Assessments, Incident Reporting & Investigation and Hazard Management. Steve Blaydon explains why Riskex was selected as their preferred partner: “Putting people first sits at the heart of our Health and Safety strategy and so it goes without saying that we needed a health and safety management solution that was easy and quick for our employees to use, wherever they were based.  Riskex ticked these boxes for us with its user-friendly interface, helpful training guides and portal which allows all our people to access the system to report incidents and hazards”


The Results So Far…

Miniclipper have only been using AssessNET over recent weeks, as the system went live shortly before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the start of lockdown. Despite this, the business is already seeing the benefits.  Steve explains;

“Since starting to use AssessNET, we are already experiencing higher levels of employee engagement as our people see the system as a timesaving tool – releasing them from the burden of manual paperwork to allow them to get on with their day jobs”.

He goes on to say “I am extremely proud of how the Miniclipper team have continued to go about their daily work in a safety-conscious manner, in spite of the operational challenges we have all faced in the light of the pandemic and in particular, how they have embraced the new AssessNET solution to carry out risk assessments and report incidents. The Portal function has been rolled out and the feedback regarding data input is fantastic. This gives all employees the power to report hazards in real-time which in turn assists us to proactively reduce potential serious injuries/incidents”


Next Steps

As AssessNET becomes further embedded in the business over the coming months, Riskex and Miniclipper will continue to expand the scope of how the solution becomes a strategic risk management tool, with an immediate focus on using the system to effectively create and manage method statements.  Steve finishes by commenting on its future plans to work with Riskex: “I look forward to continuing to work in true partnership style with Riskex to help shape how we use the system now and in the future”


Steve BlaydonSteve Blaydon

Business Process Manager

Miniclipper Logistics


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