Riskex recently moved to larger offices, and our meeting rooms are ideal to host workshops for our clients.  The workshop topics will enhance skills using AssessNET, and also give the chance to share ideas and experiences with other AssessNET users.

Additional presentations on AssessNET’s roadmap for future product development are on the schedule, so as a valued client, do get it touch if you’d like to join in.  Send an email now to info@riskex.co.uk

This Riskex News Review also gives practical advice about the risks of dehydration in the workplace – even in winter.

A young aspiring golfer, Chelsey Sharp, has been sponsored by Riskex for several years, with the AssessNET logo proudly displayed on her kit. Given her amazing natural talent for golf, it’s no wonder that she has won an impressive collection of trophies already. In this edition of Riskex News Review, we meet her to find out more, and check out the power in her golf swing – very impressive for a youngster of only 11!

With the Grenfell Tower fire disaster still present in the media as a current affairs topic, we review the reaction of several industry representatives in response to the Hackitt Review published recently.

With the new General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, making headline news recently, here at Riskex we are pleased to give reassurances that we have done everything necessary to ensure our compliance. If you need further information, give us a call.

The law has recently changed regarding the abuse of lasers, which can be a huge hazard to anyone operating aircraft, boats or motorised vehicles. We explain what the implications are regarding this important change in legislation.

In this edition of Riskex News Review, we look at the safety concerns for Qantas crew raised by the new ultra-long-haul flight to Australia, and the recommendations being suggested by the Unite Union.

Of interest to anyone planning to travel this summer, this episode shares a beach safety reminder, with a powerful message from the RNLI and their Float to Live and Respect The Water campaign.

We’re also talking about the risks of nuclear medicine, where radioactive substances are used and how they can contaminate the population in a more widespread way than you may realise. A recent forum provided a chance for experts to get together to discuss the risks, and decide how to put processes in place to reduce the dangers in the future.


This edition of Riskex News Review contains:

• Product announcements from Riskex HQ in relation to the new platform:

– Training Management Module

– Hazard Reporting Module

– Fire Assessment Module

• The rising trend for neck and back pain, and how to help yourself

• The risks of cleaning chemicals in the workplace, and how to minimise the risks

In this edition, we talk about the new AssessNET “platform”. Supported by new technology, we are able to offer extra features and functionality, so give us a call to arrange a demonstration, to see the exciting differences for yourself.



Happy new year! We hope that 2018 is safe and successful for everyone.

In today’s edition, we’ve got a real gem for you from the internet, where a steel worker slaps molten metal with his bare hand. We also have news from our sales team who are pleased to announce the launch of our new AssessNET product video.



In recent years, society’s awareness of Health and safety management has grown, with huge improvements achieved in occupational health and wellbeing. However, in this edition of Riskex News Review, we reveal the alarming results of a study where the risks of rubber crumb sports pitches – affecting children and adults as sports players, as well as maintenance and installation staff – may be causing health problems from the rubber material.

This film also introduces an innovative traffic calming idea, and there is a discussion about employers’ obligations for safeguarding employees’ health around the dangers of wearing high heeled shoes.



In this Riskex News Review, we bring news of the HSE’s second phase of its construction site inspection programme, where they are focussing on a broad range of reminders to ensure the health and safety of workers is protected.

There has also been a recent focus on health warnings about diesel exhaust exposure, and this episode explains the risks, as well as actions that are being taken against employers who fail to minimise those risks.

In our final story, a worker is injured in a fall from scaffolding that was fraudulently declared safe, highlighting the vital importance of following proper procedure.


2017 has been a record breaking year for hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean, affecting the Caribbean and the west coast of the United States. The UK and Ireland also experienced violent weather from ex-hurricane Ophelia and Storm Brian so far this autumn.

With the UK winter approaching, in this Riskex News Review we consider the importance of storm risk management, both by employers and as individuals, and offer guidance from the HSE in Northern Ireland about health and safety precautions during the clean up of storm damage. This is important as a reminder to employers about the need for more stringent checks prior to resuming normal work activities, to minimise the risks to workers.

Riskex are proud to announce the forthcoming re-launch of AssessNET’s popular Display Screen Equipment (DSE) module, which is coming soon. Given a fresh design and a new video format, the new DSE training and assessment package will engage users and help to drive home the importance of safe and effective DSE use.

We also bring you important safety reminders about how to act if you need to stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway, with a hard-hitting short film that shows the dangers.

And on a lighter note, there’s news about the Great British Bake Off, where one of the contestants is a Health and Safety Officer. Given the statistics, who would have thought baking could be so risky? Watch the Review to find out more.