SaaS systems, such as AssessNET delivered by Riskex Ltd, provide a risk assessment software solution in this time of crisis.   COVID-19 poses a huge challenge for all businesses to operate safely, and heightened awareness of the risks posed need to be fully appreciated.

Mark Delo of Riskex says, “All businesses need to look at their current risk assessments to ensure that they consider the additional risks posed by exposure to the COVID-19 virus.   Unfortunately, the news at the moment is full of stories of workplace deaths of health workers and essential workers, who have been poorly equipped and supplied with PPE that is not fit for purpose.”

The HSE recently published a media campaign, reminding businesses of their duties around safeguarding employees during the COVID-19 crisis.  Their guidance is simple, and every employer has a legally binding obligation to comply.

HSE COVID-19 web page

“As an employer, you’re required by law to protect your employees, and others, from harm.

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, the minimum you must do is:

  • identify what could cause injury or illness in your business (hazards)
  • decide how likely it is that someone could be harmed and how seriously (the risk)
  • take action to eliminate the hazard, or if this isn’t possible, control the risk”

Riskex delivers “safe2day” – Back to work initiative

In answer to the HSE’s communications, and to help businesses at their time of need, Riskex have launched a new initiative, “safe2day”.

This package of crucial risk management tools means employers can do everything reasonably practicable to identify hazards and control the risk at source.  This includes finding out who poses a risk from COVID-19, and if appropriate, instructing them to stay at home.  Work-based assessment tools and a proactive task manager service take care of the rest.

The key to dealing with COVID-19 is to prevent the virus from entering the workplace, and control the safety of the work environment .

The safe2day bundle includes AssessNET’s market-leading risk management tools, collated to bring staff safely back to the workplace.  There’s an attractively discounted price on offer until the end of June 2020:

  • fit2work – COVID-19 health monitoring tool (sponsored by Rackspace)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Reporting
  • Safety Inspection
  • DSE (Display Screen Equipment)

The fit2work health assessment tool was created in direct answer to client calls for data about COVID-19.  When staff are scattered, either working from home or on furlough, we’ve all experienced that feeling of uncertainty and disconnect.  Traceability and complying with an employer’s duty of care became more challenging.

Mark Delo explained the impetus behind the “safe2day” initiative, saying, “Our health tool, fit2work, was built to deliver visibility and control through a health status questionnaire at the start of the pandemic.  This helps managers identify who should stay at home, rather than putting others at risk by coming back to the workplace.”

Reflecting on the challenges of returning to work, Mark continued, “The business need has now moved on.  Safe2day is our way of bringing key modules together to deliver the safety processes necessary to get the UK back to work.  At Riskex we’re passionate about supporting health and safety initiatives, and the response has been phenomenal.  We are daily welcoming more businesses into the AssessNET user-group with our safe2day project.”

Mark went on to say, “The only way we are going to beat COVID-19 is to drive home the message of hygiene processes that need to be followed and how work processes need to be changed to incorporate social distancing and health screening to isolate infection concerns.   This is best achieved by a thorough risk assessment of all processes, to identify where potential risk exists and controlling that risk as we best can.”

FREE sign up to use “fit2work” 

Any UK business is invited to sign up for the free fit2work health assessment tool.  As the project is sponsored by Rackspace, Riskex have the server capacity and bandwidth to deliver, regardless of the number of users.  You’re welcome to sign up and use it too, by following this link:

Sign up and more info here >>>

To talk to one of our team about securing your discounted safe2day bundle and get back to work safely, contact us now:

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In response to the current pandemic, and in answer to customers’ need for real-time information about employee health status, Riskex are distributing a FREE COVID-19 Health Assessment module to all UK businesses.


Identify who is “Fit to Work”

Using a simple online questionnaire, which takes just 30 seconds for your staff to complete, the results are displayed in a secure dashboard.

This gives managers up to date information about their people – helping to identify who is fit to work, and who may be at risk.

With Government guidelines constantly being updated, there is a pressing need to safely emerge from lockdown and get people back to the workplace.

This tool helps restore confidence – both for employees, who know their employer is taking action, and for customers who can be confident about the health status of anyone visiting.

There’s no time to lose.  Danny Morgan, QEHS Officer at KEE Process said of the health assessment module, “If we’d had it earlier, it would have been better for us.  Employees like it too and have said they wished management had had access earlier.”


Use our COVID-19 Health Assessment Module yourself

Try the health questionnaire by clicking this link:

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